Company news

Februari 2017: Contracted by the IOM to exquite an IOM Regional Business Project (Go-See-Visits) for Surinamese diaspora intrepereneurs in The Netherlands, to orientate starting a business in Suriname
Januari 2017: Advicing two Candian International Companies about social engagement in Suriname on the basis of their Corporate Social Responsability, CSR-Policy 

December 2016: Business coaching  and advice offered in The Netherlands

December  2016: Second Workshop  'Doing Business in Suriname'' in Aruba

October 2016: Masterclass ''Doing Business in Suriname' offered in Aruba and Sint Martin.
September-October 2016: Business Coaching offered in The Netherlands.
September 2016: contracted by The IOM International, Guyana regional Coordination Office, for a one year's Diaspora project, in cooperation with the Goverment of Suriname to develop diaspora policy en to engage with Surinamese diaspora abroad.

August 2016: Matchmaking Partnership entered with business partners in St. Martin.
July 2016: Presentation at the Chamber of Commerce on Internationalization as a strategy for Growth (doing business across the border) and the enabling conditions for enterprises.
June 2016: Tailor-made workshop 'Entrepreneurship Orientation, offered to a labor union,as a form of employability, is now in funding stage.
March 2016: Start offering Executive's Coaching programs to Suriname's Senior Entrepreneurs and Managing Directors.

January 2016: open new office in Paramaribo centre, Heerenstraat 46.

Matchmaking Partnership contracts signed in Caribbean and Latin-American countries:

  • St. Martin, februari 2017
    Aruba: March 2016 (renewed)
  • Guyana: August 2015
  • Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, Venezuela, Aruba, Curaçao:
    April-July 2015 
  • Columbia: June, 2015
  • In preparation: Sint Martin

May 2015: Tailor made sector specific training course 'Starting a Business in the Agri-industry in Suriname' developed for Dutch organisation with special target group.

April 2015: First Masterclass training offered in Holland.

January 2015: First training courses and advice services offered in Suriname

January 2015: First advice service offered in Holland 

Teams Suriname and Holland selected, trained and contracted:
January-April 2015

Established: November 2014
Pre-establishment: May 2014
Business startup preparation: 2013-2014