The Matchmaking Unit of Results4Business is proud to be the valuable link between business, government and civic society in Suriname, the Caribbean, Latin-America and Europe.

In the fast changing and globalizing world, people all over the world are on the move, are looking for new business, investment opportunities and partnerships and ways to convert these movements into opportunities and business deals. Results4Business clearly recognizes the increasing needs of being connected to the right people in the right territories.

Therefore, we have devoted ourselves to be the bridge that makes these connections possible. A bridge that provides the most direct and smooth route, as well as the no nonsense and reliable professional services. We bring our clients to their desired destinations quickly and in a pleasant and enjoyable way.

With over 27 years experience in business doing internationally in the fields of investments, business development, entrepreneurship development, migration and labor market opportunities, Results4Business is the most natural link for your Project and Business Matchmaking in Suriname.


We help our clients to maximize their chances to succeed and optimize their project results.

We guide business operations in the pre-contract phase by connecting them with the best suitable partners from next door or from the other side of the ocean. In addition we provide business consultancy services, acting as mediator for the on-going negotiations until the deal is done.


We offer continuous ‘care taking’ and 'representation' services, such as:
program management during and after a project or business connection is made, according to the clients’ needs and preferences. We represent NGO's and companies to speed up or look after their business' an project's development.
We have found that these services are as equally appreciated by our clients, particularly when the deals/programs are between companies, organisations and the government.

We also make special events possible. For example for products and services of innovative SME businesses, enhancing their opportunities to sell to the most demanding international  parties; governments, federal states, import & export agencies and corporations.

We are based in Suriname and The Netherlands and are most active in the Caribbean region and in Europe. 


  • Guiding Investments in the area of Agriculture/Agri Business, ICT, Social Development, Tourism, Environment, Construction, Education, Health Care, Financial & Business Services
  • Guiding Business Development, such as Joint Ventures and Public Private Partnerships between Government and  Private Investors
  • Guiding Outsourcing of Services
  • Profile Promotion, such as Branding of New Products and Services
  • Expanding and Creating Intelligent Business Networks
  • Organizing high end Matchmaking Meetings, such as Launching of New Products and Business Deals
  • Scheduling Appointments, such as Meetings between Project Partners, Sellers and Buyers
  • Guiding Migrant and Diaspora Projects in the area of Research, Labor, Labor Market Strategy, Returnees, Education, Arts, Business Creation and Development

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